4, 5, 6th August 2023

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The Shine Seminars

Summer Celebration

Manifesting Ideas for the New Earth

Penny Brohn

Sunday 31st July 9:30-17:30

Penny Brohn, Chapel Pill Lane, Bristol, BS20 0HH

“Light cannot be anything else but a longitudinal disturbance in the aether, involving alternate compressions and rarefactions. In other words, light can be nothing else than a soundwave in the aether.” said Mr. Tesla.

“All creation is composed of subtle energy that can be described in frequencies of light, sound and warmth.” Dr Yubraj Sharma.

On the eve of Lammas, the indigenous British harvest festival, we give thanks to our wonderful, healing speakers, gathered in the magical surroundings of Penny Brohn. This event is an opportunity to work with the 2 known languages of our DNA – sound and light. We welcome back speakers from previous events and welcome one new and shining light in Lianka Varga. All will bring new, vibrant and invigorating presentations with them. As always, we are all going to experience something truly unique and I am eternally grateful for all those involved.