Olivers Castle, Roundway Hill , Devizes


Depending on whether you are travelling into or away from Devizes along the A361, turn left or right at the junction where you see the Travel Lodge Hotel and head up Folly Road.

You will come to a fork in the road (see red telephone box) – take the right fork with the ‘dead-end’ sign.

Keep going up the hill until you come to another fork in the road and take the left fork.

(Follow the orange line)

Keep going and this leads to the start of a bumpy track. You can park up here and walk all the way along the bumpy track, but it is some distance. Advise driving some or all of the way along the bumpy track – there are a few parking spaces right at the end.

Go through the gate at the end of the small parking area and walk along the path that runs alongside the woods on your left, fields on your right. Do not take the paths that go into the woods.

Follow the path for 150 yards and you will see the ground rises up on your right. Walk up this rise and straight ahead is a dip in the ground – you will see us around there.

Photos from our September meeting Sunday 25th September 2022

Thank you everyone for coming. Special people, special work, special day, special place. Let’s do it all again some time soon.