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Roundway Hill

A gathering of beautiful souls resonating with our gorgeous Mother Earth for a moment of sacred communion. Circle opening with King Robert of the Mystics, Sacred Sound from the Bards of Avalon and Light body Activation by Lianka Varga. Bring your good selves, your voices, drums & picnic for the duration. (….couple of hours).

An Energetic Exchange Event.

11:11am Roundway Hill, Devizes, Olivers Castle, Sunday 25th September 2022


Avebury – Ascension Timelines

Keeping our spirits up is essential in these changing times. Immersing ourselves in high vibration activities is crucial to keep the organic timeline flowing and active. This gathering offers several threads of esoteric knowledge that will heal, help and inspire our journey into the unknown that we are about to embark on. I am very grateful for all the speakers who have agreed to participate in this event.

Harnessing the Power of Optimism

The Shine Seminars is continuing in its quest to bring together people to inform and inspire. Offering practical solutions for raising spiritual sovereignty, thriving & nourishing the soul through nutrition, natural law, ancient & modern wisdom codes We are building community. Our aim is to connect with like minded spirits who are leaving the old, broken systems behind and embracing the ideals of the great awakening to raise humanities consciousness. Now is the time to truly start living in harmony with our beautiful planet Earth.

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