4, 5, 6th August 2023

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The Shine Seminars

Summer Celebration

Manifesting Ideas for the New Earth

Green Heart Space 14/15 May 2022

Feedback from the event.

The Shine Seminars team were the highlight of the event for me. Thank you so much for pulling everything together.The event attracts such beautiful people, attendees and speakers – I am eternally grateful for everyone who is supporting these gatherings.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting us to be part of your amazing event.. wow what a vibe.. it was incredible.. I feel really honoured to have been a speaker and space holder next to such amazing people… 

Thank you xxx


The people who came to talk to us were uplifting & inspiring & a good mix of talks & social. ❤


Thank you Eli and Sarah for such an absolutely wonderful weekend. I think we have all learnt to much from these meetings and am grateful to continue.Love and hugs.

Linda xx

Eli (and team) – Thanks for putting on, what for me, was the best event of the year so far!


Thank you so much Eli and your incredible team for creating such a wonderfully nurturing space for our weekend gathering. The shared information could be absorbed easily in the relaxed and comfortable ambiance and then digested with the delicious food offerings created by the magical team working quietly in the background. Thank you sincerely for your vision and manifestation skills – it is greatly appreciated. I look forward to future gatherings.


I am so glad I attended on Sunday! I can’t tell you how uplifted I am feeling even now, two days later! It was a magical day, I loved listening to Rory and I am about to sign up to Maria’s conference in September to learn more about the energies. And Darren’s talk was amazing — it really opened my eyes and answered a question I had been asking Spirit to answer for a few days now… Everything was perfectly organised and the food was amazing!! And I can’t believe how calm you were — organising an event like that must be a logistical nightmare but you were cool, calm and collected, and chatting to everyone. So relaxed! The people there were amazing too. Thank you so much for all your hard work. This has been a benefit to everyone, and the Earth!


What an INCREDIBLE day! For me it was 1000 x more beautiful, cos, as most of you know, I’ve been trapped indoors for most of the last 10 years with one physical cosmic meat suit malfunction after another….Eli and his team were so kind and helpful and made it really easy for me! What a day what a DAY! 


You are doing some great work building up these Shine Seminars. The outdoor format works well. It feels nicely free.


I had a wonderful time at my first Shine Seminar and looking forward to many more.


Thank you for your email and for all the work done by you and your team to make the weekend a success. It was truly a beautiful experience


Hi Eli and Team, a heart felt thank you to you all.What a lovely way to absorb the Wisdom Of The Ages, so cheerfully given by everyone present.It was perfect in every way especially the higgledy- piggledy adaptation to all  that nature presented on the day.The children were a constant reminder of how fun, imagination and joy are always available to us. Dogs and other assorted furry and feathery friends added to the  wonderful day  in the beautiful Green Heart Space.I came away feeling healed and full of gratitude and am looking forward with anticipation to the next glorious event.Thanks again for providing this unique experience, for me it was like drinking at the Spiritual Well.

Love and gratitude EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event last weekend, we all had such a great time!


A huge heart felt thanks to you and all the team for organising such a beautiful and wonderful event last weekend,set in such an idyllic spot and an amazing line of speakers with so much knowledge and i  really enjoyed Giles invigorating music and encouraging us all to let go. And I really appreciate all the hard work that went into the lovely selection of food.


A big  thankyou!! Eli and to all involved for  your hard work,  grateful for an amazing day/night . very inspirational and valuable info, healing and upliftment, look forward to next time.love to all💖💖x


Thanks Eli & all the wonderful Team/Speakers  ,who made this all possible, A Fantastic weekend.👍🥰


Thanks Eli and team for putting this together – vital work! 💚


Thanks to Eli, Sarah, Luci, Rita, Mog and the rest of the team for an amazing weekend. Loved the speakers and scribbled loads of notes. Lovely to see friends and make new ones too. Yes, let’s do it again soon! ❤️🙏😍🌹


Amazing day today thank you everyone, so grateful to connect 🙏🏼😍🌳🌦🍄💖✨


Was a fantastic weekend 🙏🏻 Thanks & Love to all involved.Was great for the soul . 👍🙏🏻💕


Thank you for the lovely experience. It was a real tonic and a nice splash of positivity.


What a profound and thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  Thanks also to your team of helpers.  They were magnificent in their achievements.  The food and refreshments were amazing and plentiful.



Rory Duff

Rory is one of the most respected and eminent Geobiologists, Dowsers and Earth Mystery researchers working today. Rory began his working life as a Geologist on the gold mines in Africa.His pioneering spirit has lead him to be able to formulate and disseminate innate information regarding Leylines and Earth Energies from across the world. His current project “The Sacred Network” is bringing together people from all walks of life to build sacred communities utilising the power of the planet.


Maria Wheatley

Maria holds a unique space in the landscape of Earth Energy practitioners being a 2nd generation dowser and an accomplished author of books on megalithic sites, dowsing and Druid Soul Star Astrology. She has continued her late father’s dowsing research into the esoteric design canons of prehistoric sites & Druidic ceremonial enclosures. Maria has studied the Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape with the University of Bath, Astrology and metaphysics with Claregate College, London, and Druidic practices and history with the British Druid Order. Maria’s vision is to apply ancient wisdom and harmonic energies to a modern generation.



The Bards of Avalon

Shine Seminars favourites Bea and David continue to emanate, vibrate and resonate with audiences around the country bringing deep rooted, sacred sounds and healing frequencies wherever they go. Having been honing and refining their skills for nigh on 20 years, their sound therapeutics are distinctive and unparalleled. They offer an aural experience that is truly memorable and transcendent.


Wild Heart Drum

Wendy and Jamie said when asked for a explanation of their work – “Our aim is to bring people together to co-create a sacred space to connect with ourselves, each other, the Ancestors and Mother Earth, using our hearts, drums, rattles and voices, for celebration & healing.If you have a frame drum and/or rattle, please bring them.We are very much looking forward to drumming with you.” I know I am looking forward to this experience too……


Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant is an international nutritional consultant, superfood chef and presenter who runs workshops, talks and retreats around the world.  She runs a busy practice giving nutritional consultations for individuals and businesses and provides superfood catering for special events. Her motto, ‘let delicious food be your medicine’ is inspired by nature, traditional healing methods and modern scientific research.  Juliette has 20 years experience helping people to better health and happiness      


Giles Bryant

Giles is the founder of World Healing Project. Giles has extensive knowledge in designing and building sacred spaces and peace circles which can be created anywhere. Following the inspiration of the planetary healing work of two of his teachers, Paramahansa Yogananda and Colin Bloy, Giles founded the World Healing Project to give individuals tools that can help to heal themselves and the world. One of Giles passions is facilitating the “perpetual choir” an ancient practice where a continuous perpetual choir was maintained at places around the world, to resonate healing vibrations into the planet.Giles has reinstated physical perpetual choirs to help bring about healing and raise the consciousness at this time. His daily mantra is “Feel Love, Give Love, Be Love….”


Darren Deojee

“Walk the path to true resilience and inner worth – with presence and purpose” – a quote from Darren’s “Wildman : Male Mystery” teachings. Darren is, in the true sense, a Soul Alchemist, helping people to express, connect, embody, relate and integrate self on their own terms. Paying homage to Toltec traditions and bringing in American, African and Northern European lineages, he has 25 years practice and 13 years teaching experience. To hear him talk is to understand the term “The knowing”. His words are infinitely empowering, having deep, transformational effects within the listener. Holder of the keys to his own “Rite at the edge ” retreats.