4, 5, 6th August 2023

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The Shine Seminars

Summer Celebration

Manifesting Ideas for the New Earth

Kewstoke Sunday 4th December

The Power of Collaboration

This event is about unpacking the questions of who, why, what and where we are in this moment, our relationship with Natural Law, the environment and the narrative being spun about the health and husbandry of Mother Earth. Our Spiritual Sovereignty comes into focus, our personal divinity is shared and approaches too how we can integrate the incredible technology that is inside our bodies – our antennae to the multiverse. This offering is from our activated brothers, prepared to stand up and share their knowledge and expertise with us for one day. In gratitude.

Running Order

These times are fluid yet always auspicious…

9:00-10:00 – Andy Barlow – Empower the Soul

“Since 2020, I have then been on my Spiritual Journey, and have connected with so many beautiful souls, they have enriched my life so much and I have begun my path of healing with the aid of some beautiful friends. I am a man who has never smoked, never been drunk, but decided to try a 5 day DMT experience called Bufo, which opened my soul to what else is out there.In 2021 I was introduced to Contract Law and this was the missing piece of the puzzle, and completed what I knew I had to start learning and teaching others..I will always do what I can to help others learn how to use what is there to use…”

Andy has built a reputation for having a personable, warm, heartfelt approach to legal remedies. We are very grateful to have him speak for us. Talk includes: Take back your Power, Commerce Law, Everything is an Offer, The Mind Virus, Dealing with Agents in Commerce, Holding Position


10:00-10:15 Refresh yourselves.

10:15-11:15 Darren Norman – “Know Thyself” – Property Trusts and Sovereignty

Darren has been an estate planner and trust specialist for over 20 years. He is passionate for working with the powers within having a strong spiritual practice, a keen interest in natural healing modalities and a fascination for working with crystals He brings with him a unique insight into how to manage property and assets consciously, how to grow self sovereignty and becoming centred in a world full of distractions.


11:15-11:30 Refresh yourselves….

11:30-12:45 Daniel Thompson-Mills – The Case Against Manmade Climate Change – the manipulation of the Environmental Movement & the approaching ‘Grand Solar Minimum’

Daniel has a law degree and has been a campaigner and activist since the 1980’s. He spent several years with the McLibel Campaign, supporting two people being sued for libel by McDonald’s and campaigning on health, environmental, social justice, and animal issues. So he knows a thing or two about how big corporations operate. Also, he’s been very interested in how the human body works and natural healing since the 1990’s. Daniel spent 18 years living in a low impact, permaculture community in a woodland, so he has plenty of earthy experience! He trained in the 8 Shields model of nature connection (otherwise known as ‘The Art of Mentoring’) which is based on indigenous wisdom and practices, and has facilitated people’s connection to nature for many years. Last but not least, he’s an anarchist (in the true sense), independent researcher and self-published author.


12:45-13:45 – Lunch

13:45-15:15 – Darren Deojee – Our Ancestral Awakening.

Darren explores the ancestral awakening and empowerment for and within the Native Europeans (that maybe you!).  He will be bringing wisdom and ways of healing/integrating ‘the colony’. This talk centres beyond the ‘legal stand’ aspect of a native claim. Following on from Avebury’s deep dive, Darren will give new perspectives and insights into what it means to be “born of this Earth” You cannot move forward if you don’t know where you come from…….


15:15-15:30 – Refresh yourselves

15:30-17:00 – Mark Keane – Shamanic Dragon Yoga and the Celtic Chakras: Ancient British origins of Kundalini Yoga.

Mark is going to blow our minds by unveiling hidden knowledge from the Celtic myths and traditions of lineage of Northern European Kundalini Yoga. Amazing insights into this little documented tradition.

Mark says “Our Kundalini life force finds its fullest expression in the form of Kundalini Dance. As with Kundalini Yoga & Kundalini meditation, the practice of mastering this sacred energy can bring heartfelt benefits. As we activate our seven chakras, and vibrate with cosmic consciousness we can tap into untold intuitive techniques” Mark will be sharing his well of knowledge on this profound and ancient practice.