4, 5, 6th August 2023

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The Shine Seminars

Summer Celebration

Manifesting Ideas for the New Earth

Penny Brohn – Speakers

The Bards of Avalon

Bea and David are sound alchemists, working full-time with sound therapy since 2010 as Bards of Avalon. Trained in a variety of complementary health modalities, their first love is sound therapy. Their mission is to use sound to support others in realising their potential, enhance their health and wellbeing and have more joyful, fulfilling lives. Their album, “The Archangel Transmissions” was critically acclaimed by both Kindred Spirit and Paradigm Shift magazines. They are also contributing authors to four of the Bounce Back Journey books which became Amazon best sellers.


Giles Bryant

Meditation & Freeing The Voice

Giles Bryant has run the World Healing Project for 17 years promoting wellbeing initiatives for people and the planet.  He is a yoga teacher, singer and music producer whose recent release ‘One World’ took 8 years to create and features singers and musicians from around the world.  He has been meditating for 25 years.


Lianka Varga

My path has taken me to working with Reiki healing energies and to learning in-depth astrology – all in the service of self-discovery and spiritual development. Like many Travellers through spiritual realms, I have experienced the Dark Night of the Soul, which happened at the turn of the century/millennium. Two dark, sad years of solitude and a feeling of being completely cut off and undeserving of any Divine Support. 

But this darkness could not last forever and it brought a profound insight as a gift at the end of this part of the Journey. Then Life brought Gaia & Eternal Light Healing into my path. It was a long and exciting journey, accelerating my spiritual development beyond anything I had imagined and after 7 years of growth and inner transformation I can now offer the same precious gift to others.


Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant is an international nutritional consultant, superfood chef and presenter who runs workshops, talks and retreats around the world.  She runs a busy practice giving nutritional consultations for individuals and businesses and provides superfood catering for special events. Her motto, ‘let delicious food be your medicine’ is inspired by nature, traditional healing methods and modern scientific research.  Juliette has 20 years experience helping people to better health and happiness.

Clive De Carle

Recognised as one of the world’s leading health researchers, Clive has spent thirty years studying the most effective natural health solutions available. Clive is the host of the pioneering Health Revolution Internet TV show which features over three hundred of Clive’s interviews with international health experts.Clive continues to be selflessly generous with his time and his knowledge. His journey is clearly to disclose in our knowledge regarding enhance peoples health