Additional Information

Please read this page if you are planning to attend.

You can book a ticket for Saturday or Sunday or both! You can camp or not camp! Either way all food and refreshments are included. Child Friendly event also dog friendly for well behaved dogs!

Travelling to Wild Camping/Green Heart Space, Chesterblade Hills, Batcombe, Evercreech, Shepton Mallet BA4 6DD

Greenheart Space is in the middle of the countryside. If you type “Green Heart Space” into Google maps the event space will come up.

When you get there, the parking is on the right – please park well as the space is tight.

Please arrive as close to 8:00 as you can. We would like everyone settled by 8:45am at the latest.

There are 30 car parking spaces at the venue.

We will have a small parking team to guide you. Campervans will be on the left as you arrive up the track on the left, the main site and main parking in on your right, Once you turn right please keep to the left and drive up to the top of the field. Please park tidily!

The camping is a little way up the track on the left, past the main site. Please do not drive up there!

There will be free water available for all. Also free teas and coffee + the usual “Shine Seminars” fruit, date, nut, biscuit selection!

Please bring a fold up chair, cushions, blankets, drums, rattles, instruments etc.

We will provide food, it will be mostly vegan/veggie for simplicity, probably the pizzas will be diary and vegan options – (there is a pizza oven there), salads, soup, curry and breads (Gluten free options will be available) . .

Our commitment to The Green Heart Space is to take our bottles, wrappers, fruit leftovers with us – we have a responsibly to not leave anything on site that wasn’t there before. This is how we used to live and this is how we have to leave the venue. Please take your recycling home with you! This is very much appreciated.

Mobile Phones!

In cooperation with our speakers please make sure your phones are on silent or turned off throughout the presentations. This is with respect to the speakers and to the attendees. Please do not video the event, we are paying a professional to do this and the fruits of his labour will be enjoyed by all AFTER the event!


Tickets are limited to 55 places – the event is for 2 days. we will offer 2 day tickets only, if anyone wants to come for just one day, it will be VERY LIMITED and you will need to email me direct:

THERE ARE NO TICKETS ON THE DOOR. Please buy your camping requirements when you book your tickets – there is a little drop down box for the camping option. Eventbrite tells you how many people have booked in advance so please check on The Shine Seminars booking page for numbers. We will update the Telegram page on Thursday 12th May as to how many tickets are still available. Remember to print your tickets out!

As we grow and our work becomes more and more relevant to these exciting times we offer out our sincere gratitude to everyone who is attending. We know these events will be memorable and very much part of our collective awakening.